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Cannabis Myths

There are many misconceptions about the cannabis market, however are they true? Similar to alcohol in the prohibition days, the public perception of cannabis isn’t exactly precise.

Cannabis myth busters at your service. We’re here to set the record directly and use realities to some typical mistaken beliefs spread out by lack of knowledge. Curious? Continue reading, my friend.

Myths About the Cannabis Industry

Sixty-one percent of American’s think that cannabis should be legislated and treated like alcohol; managed, taxed, and unlawful for kids. What about the rest? What are their beliefs based upon?
In cases like this, the majority of times it’s an absence of understanding. Federal guidelines have made it challenging to confirm or eliminate a great deal of these beliefs. It’s no wonder that misconceptions like the ones listed below stay in circulation, until now.
Misconception 1: Hemp Is Cannabis

This one is confusing without an excellent description. Both are in the Cannabis Sativa types, marijuana and hemp are not the exact same. Think about it like a rose and a carnation; both are in the flower species, however they are not the very same thing.

Cannabis is one of the oldest grown crops. Early civilizations grew it to make material, rope, oils, and food. This initial plant was bred with other comparable types to create our modern-day hemp plant.
The hemp variation of the sativa plant has less than a. 3% THC level in it. You’ll often hear it referred to as “ditchweed.” It is legal and has many usages from commercial to healing. It utilized to be a farm crop collected for making rope.

Other psychoactive plants were selectively bred with the ancient cannabis plant to develop our modern-day marijuana plants. In ancient times, people used this version for spiritual practices and medical purposes. It has high levels of THC, which offers users the blissful sensation.

Misconception 2: Cannabis Is for Discomfort

Yes, users report that cannabis is an effective pain reliever for both momentary and persistent pain. That’s not the only thing it’s good for. It’s also helpful for numerous other conditions. A few of them consist of:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Cancer.
  • Parkinson’s.
  • Digestion Problems.
  • Glaucoma.

Bear in mind that due to federal and state policies, sellers can’t legally claim that CBD or cannabis can do anything clinically. For that, you’ll have to take the word of countless users worldwide or study scientific trial results.

Misconception 3: Cannabis Is Worse Than Alcohol.

This is another myth that we hear often, and this one goes way back. It could not be further from the fact. When you compare the long-term impacts of each on the brain, it becomes clear.

Alcohol use physically changes the structure of the brain, particularly the gray and white matter. Cannabis does not. A decrease in either of these important areas of the brain causes brain function disabilities.

Comparing habits of both types of users, often times an intoxicated individual ends up being aggressive or reckless. Somebody that’s high is calm and safe.

Another indicate think about, in 2015 alone, 33,171 individuals died alcohol-induced deaths. This number doesn’t include alcoholic liver illness deaths nor accidents and homicides originating from alcohol usage. No marijuana-induced deaths exist.

Misconception 4: CBD Is Illegal.

There’s some confusing info online about whether CBD is legal or not. You’ll see conflicting views and uncertain responses. We got you.

In the most basic terms, CBD from plants which contain less than.3% THC is legal. Any higher than that and it’s illegal unless you have a medical cannabis license or live where leisure cannabis usage is permitted.

Most of the time, CBD items you can purchase online or buy in your regional shop originated from the hemp plant. As you read above, the hemp plant falls into THC legal limit portions.

Misconception 5: Cannabis Triggers Schizophrenia.

This specific myth started as a mix-up in the domino effect link between marijuana usage and schizophrenia. Like depression, addicting tendencies, and bipolar, schizophrenia is a condition brought on by sub-optimal neurotransmitter function.

Low dopamine production and policy is the primary offender in these mental health conditions. This condition is genetic, passed down in our DNA.

THC in cannabis raises dopamine levels, providing the user a rush of satisfaction. Because of this, people with schizophrenia are most likely to use marijuana to self-medicate. It’s not the other way around.

Myth 6: Working in the Market Is a Party.

Lots of think of operating in the cannabis industry implies getting high at work and jamming out to Bob Marley. Not even close. It resembles any other task, full of rules and guidelines that the business and its employees need to follow.

Whether you’re a grower, operate in a dispensary, or are a budtender, staying certified is necessary if you want to keep your job and stay in business. Along with intimate understanding of compliance procedures, there are likewise specialized abilities required, such as:

  • Item labeling.
  • Maintenance of inventory.
  • Guidelines about consumption, particular to your county and state.
  • Customer care and communication abilities.
  • State and federal farming regulations.
  • Pesticide application accreditation.
  • Cannabis waste management procedures.

Given that the marijuana industry is brand-new and in flux, things alter fast, and individuals included require the versatility to adjust. You see, it’s not all fun and video games like the myths about cannabis might have you think.

Let Me Be Blunt.

We hope this assisted to clear up a minimum of a couple of concerns you had about marijuana and CBD. We understand that more myths about the cannabis industry, besides these, still exist.

Marijuana usage likewise brings a specific preconception with it, another myth that will change in time.

Moving forward, we motivate you to do your own research study on matters and not think things based upon hearsay. You know what they state about the fact, it will set you complimentary– the genuine truth, that is. Know of any more marijuana myths we can debunk?

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